Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Case Reviews 2020

Have you ever wanted to personalize your phone? But due to its an already built up phone, there is nothing you can do. Well, necessity is the mother of invention, phone cases have come up to give signage and identity to every individual. There is a sophisticated design to identify phones to their owners. Otherwise, you visit Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case Review 2019

Galaxy s7 cases are one of those design that considers aesthetics and functionality. Ensures the safety of your phone. Can you imagine a galaxy S7 broken? So don’t I. it has shock absorbers and has hard shells to ensure to never see my sophisticated phone broken into pieces. Here are some of the best galaxy S7 cases:

10. Galaxy S7 Case, Ringke [Fusion]

It is perfect for Samsung Galaxy S7 enhances the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge original look with its crystal clear case which is good for protection, it is light, cannot feel the has drop protection to ensure your phone does not spoil if dropped. Easy access to all ports and buttons because of its ultra-slim-TPU bumper with active touch technology. No more tiny dust particles to attack your phone because of the attached dust caps that protect the charge ports and audio jack from dust. You can customize your phone to your own desire because of the free DIY template.

9. Galaxy S7 Case, OBLIQ [Slim Meta] [Rose Gold]

Galaxy S7case, OBLIQ has a slim metal which is minimal in bulk, it is compatible with Samsung s7 smartphone, version, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, international and unlocked model. Guaranteed protection made of dual-layered which is made of TPU interior + polycarbonate which is on the exterior side, ensure your phone drops or fall it is not the end of it. This TPU material also helps in shock absorption. Custom shaped for the phone ensuring easy access to buttons, charge buttons, audio jack button jack. It enhances the lines and curves of the original S7 galaxy. It is inspired by elegance because of its metallic brush finish back. Designed by OBLIQ in the USA and made in Korea guarantees high quality. It is available in Rose Gold color.

8. Galaxy S7 Case, CINEYO(TM)

Bothered about your phone screen not getting damaged? Well, CINEYO case has figured it out and it ensures you get a free screen protector and CINEYO stylus pen to ensure the sensitivity of your touchscreen is not lost. Best for protection because of its two-piece heavy-duty protection case; the outer polycarbonate hard-shell provides extra protection to the back, side, and corners. It has an inner TPU case wraps around the Samsung with a lip around the front edge of the glass. it is accessible to all buttons, charger port, and audio ort and guess what only one kickstand on the back of the shell can turn your device into a small media center. It has varieties of case and accessories for you to choose from.

7. Galaxy S7 Case, OBLIQ [NAKED SHIELD]

It is a premium and sophisticated phone case, design by creative minds of NAKED Shield series and manufactured by South Korea where the highly experienced are. Has slim fit crystal clear scratch which enhances original color and has an elegant design and is enhanced more by light reflection. Crystallized shock-absorbing PCCover provides protection of your phone and the inner TPU Bumper prevents the hard drop has a magnetic metal kickstand that you can just pop it to watch and is light and easy to is available in rose gold a rare beautiful color.

6. Galaxy S7 Case, Spigen

Specially fitted for Samsung galaxy s7 2016 phone. It is slim and very feels like it is one with the phone giving a natural impression. Accessible to all ports and buttons it has a distinguished and elegant look especially the smooth black case that has a premium matte finish which provides grip. It is a hard protective layer of a hard polycarbonate case

5. Galaxy S7 Case, Spigen® [Rugged Armor]

Want a new look? No need to look further. Galaxy S7 Case, Spigen features a glossy accent and carbon fiber textures. It has a very reliable and flexible-TPU case with a design that has a spider web pattern. This case considers the screen too it includes a raised lip of TPU of 1,2 mm thickness it has tactile buttons for solid feedback that only requires an easy press. Protection is also catered for through air cushion technology.

4. Galaxy S7 Case, Spigen® [Liquid Crystal]

It is a better version of most cases, it is the thinnest and most lightweight case for galaxy has an inner TPU material for protection, durability, and flexibility. It is perfectly fit for galaxy s7 (2016) it has an ultra-thin premium semitransparent soft has embossed buttons that are easy to press and access.

3. Galaxy S7 Case, OBLIQ [Slim Meta] [Titanium Space Gray]

The case is designed for Samsung galaxy s7 but it is also compatible with Verizon, A&T, and T- Mobile, and sprint, international and unlocked models. It has an all-around dual-layered case (TPU inner layer for shock absorption and the hard shell outer polycarbonate layer) which protects the phone from the impact of dropping or falling is effortlessly installed because it has been customized for s7 galaxy phone hence easy to access the ports and buttons the case is slim and a perfect fit hence enhance the curves and lines, it has minimal bulk, it has a distinguished and sophisticated look which is the modern metallic brush.

2. Galaxy S7 Case, Spigen® [Tough Armor]

It has extreme dual-layered protection which includes the inner shock-absorbing TPU interior and the outer hard shell polycarbonate layer. Also protected through the air cushion technology. Rugged but slim and perfectly fits Galaxy S7 (2016) which ensure easy access to the ports and buttons. Screen protection is catered for with the raised lip of 2.omm thickness which is unnoticed.

1. Galaxy S7 Case, Ringke [Fusion] Crystal Clear PC Back TPU Bumper

There is a viral joke going around: when my phone drops or falls and it make the sound of breaking glass, you just wish it is your leg making that sound. This is because some of us save money to buy our dream phones and when we buy them, we take care of them hoping they will give us a service and the price will be worthwhile.

This is no more problem because of the phone case. For those who have hesitated to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 phone because they think it will get damaged in a short span of time. Face your demons because the above Phone cases are here to save, now all you got to do is buy the phone and the case.

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