Top 10 Best PS4 Racing Game 2020 Reviews

Which is the best PS4 racing game now?

I have always thought of games as a way of bonding with my friends. We get to be frustrated and at the same time excited. Even when we did with the game we still discuss its events. This is why I take it personally when am choosing the games. I need them to be thrilling, exciting and challenging enough. The sound effect should be perfect and the graphics got to be good to add more fun in the game.

I got PS4 and when I googled I realized that there were many best PS4 racing games. Unfortunately, not all are fun. I decided to give a review of the best racing game to help my fellow gamers. Here are the best PS4 racing games

10. F1 2015 (Formula One) – PlayStation 4

The first best ps4 racing game. The graphics are better than ever with 1080 p and 60fps It is a new game that has built from scratch to allow players to experience it in first hand. The racing game is both for the pros and the newbies. It has voice consolation that makes the game even better. Be ready to experience this game like never before. This is where the drivers attack you, they will do anything to defend their position ensuring you have the best time of your life.

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9. Trials Fusion – PlayStation 4

Welcome to the trial fusion world. Where the challenges are more exciting than ever. We assure you adrenaline increase. It is a game that you must pull all your socks to set the best track record. You can play alone, with your friends or in the global tournament. Either way, it guarantees nothing else but the best. Trial fusion is a creative game with great graphics. It is the new kid on the block with fresh and unique content. It is available both in trial fusion game and season pass.

8. Need for Speed Rivals (Complete Edition) – PlayStation 4

The complete edition of the need for speed rivals comes with all the 6 previous release. Exciting, right? This game has nothing but intensive racing experience. It has a story behind the game it is all about this character Zephyr who want the police to allow the racers to race freely. So all you have to do is race and avoid the police car. The police will do anything to catch you including using the standard helicopter, using EMPs and much more. It has good voice consolation with awesome cinematics that makes you want more.

7. Ride – PlayStation 4

This game is for bike lovers. The Ride features about 100 motorbikes from which you can choose what you love most. This motorcycle got awesome features and their design is from the renowned motorcycle manufacturers. It is all about traveling around the globe where you will meet with challenges. You can play solely, with another player, you can also participate in their unique international events. You get the chance to customize the motorcycle to what you like from the model to even the race suit.

6. Rocket League: Collector’s Edition – PlayStation 4

This is both an online and local multi-time player. This game is made even much more fun with the split-screen mode which can split up to 4. This is the game that combines football with car races. Seems heaven to me. You got like 10 billion possible ways of combining your car hence giving you a chance to customize your car to your own liking. To add to the thrill, it has bonuses which include Revenge of the battle cars, Chaos Run DLC Pack, Supersonic DLC pack, and collector edition of the limited art print. It also comes with 4 new vehicles.

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5. MXGP 14: The Official Motocross Videogame

With the MXGP 14, boring days are gone. It is all about riders, track, and bikes. What else would a bike lover want? Its animation graphics are just perfect. It has the illumination that seems way real, they have also incorporated 3d trees and vegetation. MXGP 14 licensed European riders and tracks. It has the career mode that has outdone itself and made even the beginners get a chance to experience nothing but fun. This career mode has 30 minutes for a practice session. And 30 minute as the qualifying session. If you want you can skip this session and go straight to the game.

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4. DiRT Rally – PlayStation 4

Ever experienced rallies in real life? If not you may get a chance to feel the experience thanks to the DIRT rally. It comes with challenges like driving on the dangerous road with speed. In case of a crash, the rally team can repair, they are given a limited time to do so. You got to trust your co-driver if you got to win the race. You go through many types of environment others are muddy dusty and others even have snow.

3. The Crew Wild Run Edition – PlayStation 4

It is an award-winning game. The Crew Wild Run has given you a chance to choose from the new, cool vehicles like the agile motorcycle or the unstoppable monster truck that helps you map the whole US. It actually updates and does not charge any cent. When it comes to the graphic it has outdone itself. This guarantees a replay value.

2. Track Mania Turbo – PlayStation 4

Three words to express this game, fun! Fun! Fun! It is worth every second. It has 4 environments you can explore. This includes the jump through hills, racing indoors, defy gravity and race through the narrow trucks. You can team up with your friend and be double drivers. You got to trust each other and be able to control the speed and direction together. The best about it is that you get a chance to build and design your own track and you can share your designed track with the other players. It has a campaign mode where you can test your skill, win many medals as well as unlock tracks.

1. Need for Speed: Rivals

Welcome to Redview County. It is the best racing game for ps4 that we choose. This is a county where racers and police can never be friends. You can play as the racer or the police. Each racer got to avoid the police as well as the race to get the best car. The car selections are among the best. The Alldrive is a new feature in the Need for Speed Rivals. You can now easily join your friends who are already racing. We can’t forget the graphic and sound engines are just great. There is a training session where one is taught to be a racer or police then you are unleashed to Redview County!

You got no reason to say your day was boring. With the above racing game, it guarantees fun and more challenge. They are worth you going to your nearest retail shop and buying it. The question on my mind is: What are you waiting for?

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