Top Best Dash Cam APP for iPhone Buying Guide 2020

Driving cars in treacherous terrains or driving conditions may be tricky and daunting. This is why driving aids are by all means highly welcome. Of all the driving aids out there, the dash cameras probably stand out as the best. This is because they let the drivers to capture the terrain ahead, ‘see’ the blind spots and detect bumps, obstacles, and other hindrances to the motion.
The aim of this review shall be to identify, highlight and briefly explain the top ten such cameras in vogue today. This is to offer some insight to those who may wish to purchase one such item and leverage the attendant benefits.
For a start, a dash camera is a special photography instrument that captures and records images via the vehicle’s windscreen. It is also called a car’s black box or a car’s digital video recorder.

10. Roav by Anker Dash Cam C1

This camera also comes along with a sensor. It thus enables you to leverage the dual benefits of improved navigation and capturing rare moments. Its camera resolution is the 1080P Full High Definition. The lens comes in the form of the 4-lane wide-angle views. Since it has a built-in Wi-Fi and an app, you will transmit your images and videos seamlessly to the other devices.
It is able to perform various picture-recording tasks. It has a G-sensor that detects any changes in its position. The camera contains wide dynamic range software which enables it to balance the lighting to give rise to one clearer image. Moreover, you may utilize it well at night and while parking. This is not to mention the fact that it is capable of loop recording. This basically lets it record and transmits images continuously and in real-time.

9. Pruveeo D700 7-Inch Touch Screen Backup Camera Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Channel

If you the kind of a person who travels a lot in wet conditions, you, by all means, require a weatherproof camera. This is one such kind of a camera. It has a dual-lens rearview mirror and a 7-inch touchscreen backup camera at a time. It also has a 150-degree wide-angle lens to capture as much panorama as possible. The image quality is pretty high. The camera has a 1080 pixel resolution front camera. The existence of the anti-dazzling mirror further enhances the image quality.
In all, the camera is convenient to handle. This is brought about by several factors. Among these is the picture-in-picture display that allows instantaneous recording and transmission of the picture. The auto display parking image, on the other hand, helps you to park your car safely. It does so by highlighting and displaying the blind spots. What’s more? Its possession of the one-button switch design further expedites its operations.

8. Super HD 1080P Car Dash Cam

Equipped with all the topnotch picture technologies, this camera is indeed a worthy possession. At the top of its elegant features is the wide dynamic range (WDR) technology. It basically generates images of outstanding quality by balancing the lighting on the images. Its ability to undertake loop recording comes in second. This is basically the capturing of images non-stop. It overwrites the memory once it is full to do this. Its simplistic design and operations close the list of its top features. It is a ‘plug and plays’ camera in that it does not require further installations.
Apart from taking and transmitting pictures, it can also detect motions and aid in navigations. These are made possible by the G-Sensor and the motion detection features. They detect the relative position of the camera at a time and respond to movements respectively. All factors considered the camera returns comparatively higher value for money.

7. AuKing S3 Mini Dash Cam

This is an ingenious camera that is able to carry out a variety of recording and motion-detection tasks. The automatic recording is probably the most outstanding. This feature triggers the camera to record images when the engine is on and to stop recording when the engine is off. Its collision detection feature comprises a built-in G-sensor. This saves and locks the video data automatically in the event of a collision. Other than these, the camera may also aid you in parking your car and transmitting live images directly.

The overall quality of the images produced by the camera is awesome. It has a full High Definition 1080 Pixel lens. This captures and displays images with sharp clarity. It avoids any ambiguities on the images and makes them fair to behold indeed. Its 168° wide-angle ensures that no detail is left out within the visible range.

6. Z-Edge Z3 Car Dash Camera

Just in case you ply tough terrains regularly, you require an equally tough and responsive dash camera. This is to be able to withstand the harsh environments without compromising the quality of the images produced. This camera fits this bill perfectly well. It is suited for this role by virtue of possessing tough, durable, and reliable constituent parts. It also has several capabilities that are necessary for the navigation of tough terrains as explained below.

It has the abilities to detect motions, ignitions, crashes, and vibrations. These are courtesy of the sensitive G-sensor, parking monitor, and tough external housing. Moreover, it also has a range of other elegant features. These are the 145-degree wide-angle lens, large storage capacity (32GB), and 3-inch display console. It, therefore, produces images that are of very high quality. Moreover, it is also reliable in the sense that it performs optimally even in the most severe circumstances.

5. OldShark Dash Cam

Dash cameras are built for different occasions and seasons. This one, in particular, is built for night use and in environments that are extremely hot. It is well able to fit in these two conditions by reason of containing several excellent features and parts.
It’s 170-degree wide-angle can ensure that no image is left out. This makes it quite handy for those panoramic shots. It does have the infrared capability which makes it suitable for night vision and shots. It comes along also with a built-in battery that allows you to save files once you have turned off the engine. Its ability to withstand extremely hot temperatures is made possible by the existence of safety capacitors. These capacitors maintain the camera in a standard working environment of -50°F to 160°F. You or your camera is thus less likely to contract burns or other issues. Finally, it consumes a paltry 12V/24V of working voltage. This is manageable enough not to inflict unnecessary strains on your part.

4. Roav by Anker Dash Cam

Wandering out in the wilderness or outbacks comes with it the need to constantly be in touch with others. This camera confers this advantage perfectly well. It has built-in GPS technology feature which communicates with other persons and users in the vicinity. This way, it keeps track of all your movements and relays the same to the relevant persons.
Other than these, it also accords expanded views, easy sharing of the images captured, and detailed capture of data. This is made possible by the optimized imaging technology, full High Definition 2K resolution, advanced Sony Exmor CMOS sensor, and 6 lens elements, among others. What’s more? It comes fully accompanied by all the various co-operant equipment. Among these are chargers, USB cables, 32GB MicroSD Card, built-in GPS/WiFi, and so on. Due to these features, expect this camera not to fail you in your hour of need at all.

3. EconoLed Car DVR Dashboard Camera

Sometimes costs may be a prohibiting factor in obtaining the right dash camera. This is where a low-cost dash cam of this nature comes in. This camera is cheaper than most other cameras of its nature. This is because it has only the bare minimum features that are necessary for capturing the intended shots. It thus grants you the rare opportunity to capture those memorable moments but without digging deeper in your pocket.
Among the host of its key features is 2.5-inch thin filament tube color monitor. This displays images clearly for all to see. It does come along with 6 LED light bulbs to support night visions. The camera accords a 90-degree viewing angle and has a screen rotation angle of around 270 degrees. The quality of the images it displays is fairly sharp. This is by reason of exuding 640 by 480 resolution.

2. Pruveeo F5 Dash Cam

Not every jurisdiction or authority may be comfortable with dashboard cameras. That is why the camera may at times have to be hidden from the view of the relevant authorities. For this to be possible, the camera has to possess a discreet design. This simply means that it has to be slim and compact. This indeed is such kind of a camera.
Other than the discreet design, the camera can also record images in very hot environments. It’s working temperature range is 15-150 degrees Fahrenheit whereas its humidity range lies in the range of 10% to 80%. It also comes along with a built-in Wi-Fi for seamless sharing and transfer of images that have already been captured. Moreover, the camera is accompanied by an app that offers support for the iOS and Android systems. This greatly simplifies the sharing of the captured images as well as other accompanying photography tasks.

1. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

High quality yet discreet recordings may only be attained by expensive yet highly sophisticated dash camera of this kind. By virtue of containing built-in Sony IMX323 image sensor, the storage capacity of 64GB, 140° (F) operating temperature and 160° (F) storage temperature, this camera fits this bill perfectly well.
It captures and displays vivid pictures, generates highly-detailed recordings, can be used in any lighting condition, and is easy to install. Other than these, it can also perform the standard chores that the ordinary cameras can as well. These include the loop recording, sensing of motions, and the seamless transmission of data. It is also easy to comprehend and operate. It requires no special installations by reason of being plug-and-play. Moreover, most tasks are automated i.e. they happen instantaneously without any human input or effort.


Please note the list of the top-rated dash cameras reviewed above may not hold for long. This is because manufacturers are constantly innovating. As such, newer and better models are normally produced and churned out into the market every quite often. You are thus advised to consider doing some research before making a purchase to arrive at the best possible item. In the meantime, why don’t you make a point of acquiring one soonest possible? You do not want to miss out on the so many attendant benefits of the gadgets!

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