Top 10 Best 18 Inch Subwoofers In 2020 Reviews

Entertainment is a crucial need in life many really need to put some flavor in their lives .when we talk about entertainment people have different ways to entertain themselves. For example some love music, others love movies, other football, and many other entertainment fields. But all in all, they want them listened in either a woofer or a sub-woofer. That is why you will find so many people buying these woofers for them to be able to have whatever they want in a better way than the ordinary way. The following are some of the top ten best subwoofers in 2019. By the time you are through you will have made your choice.

10. JBL STX818S

It is a single subwoofer with a large port area that is used to reduce distortion. The subwoofer has a vented gap woofer for extended low-frequency output. For a secure satellite speaker mounting the subwoofer has a threaded 20m pole socket .the sound from the subwoofer is enhanced by the 14-gauge made of steel grilled that is lined with acoustically transparent cloth.

9. Technical Pro ZXP

This one here may seem small but has a 400 watts speaker that has a peak power that can make many go home amazed. The inputs that it has are the bare wire terminals .the magnet on it is 200oz meaning it can attract the steel substance that may be required. With this, you will get the best of the sounds you really need.

8. York Ville LS1208

The subwoofer has a 1200 watts that when sound is produced you feel it at its peak and it is very well-conceived and passed on to the next medium, it can be connected to a radio or television for better sounds. The woofer is 18 inches long thus giving a massive sound. It is one of the best subwoofers, and that is why it was listed among the best.

7. RCF LI8P400

Mostly used by professional cars and DJs. The speaker has a dual spider design with silicon-based dampening that helps in corrugation and triple rolling of surround straight cone geometry. It contains an aluminum demodulation ring to enhance the ventilation of the speaker. Its continuous program power handling is enhanced by the 200 watts.


The speaker has a very large port area used to reduce distortion. A secured satellite speaker mounting which is as a result of the 20mm thread pole socket for solid. Addition to these features are the ones that help in the operation of this speaker; the neodymium magnet Differential Drive for high power capacity in the woofer. Have an incredible entertainment with this subwoofer.

5. Peavey PV118D

It is one of the best-powered subs for the money. It contains a woofer servo that reduces the distortion of the speaker. The powered speakers and line-level input with the onboard crossover. It also has a protection gadget called a DDT compression. It has a Peavey design for the speakers. It has been one of the best subwoofers in 2019.

4. Soundsphere Q-SB2

A subwoofer that is round in shape and has a white color on it. Its power handling capability is very high. And with high sensitivity. The enclosure of this subwoofer is fiberglass with a gel coat which is then finished with a hardware material that is made of steel. The subwoofer is one of a kind and also gives a good sound from its speakers.

3. Skar Audio ZVX

The subwoofer has features that make it outstanding and the best. It contains ultra-low distortion design that really plays the biggest part in the protection of the subwoofer. The competitive grade paper cone and foam surround to help in ventilation. The subwoofer gives the best sound that is well brought out. Many like the subwoofer due to its well-built speakers that are also intact.

2. Rockville RVW1800w

The subwoofer has a pulp composite dust cap that helps in protecting the subwoofer from dust particles. It is designed for high power application in the PA speaker mains which Is used mainly by DJ touring speakers. The liner progressive convex dual spider has a nickel-plated banana plug terminals that help in the continuous responsiveness.

1. Mackie THUMP18S

If you need good music then here is the best of all it has nice features that makes one want to buy it just by seeing it. First of all, it can go with any d├ęcor as per your choice. It has a 1200watt that gives a loud and also a moderate sound it just depends on what you prefer. Very flexible meaning it can be used anywhere as long as you need a sound gadget it gives you a good service.

Once, you have the subwoofer we recommend you to the Best Speaker Cables in The World. The Speaker wire is necessary to connect with your speaker to other devices.

Conclusion, this article has given you the best of the 2019 subwoofers. For the music lovers and movie addicts no more hustles run to the stores and purchase one of your choices and am sure you will get that one that suits you. Quality! Quality! Go for this one do not look at the cheapest and think it is the best but anyway if you like that one go for it. People need subwoofers for their get-together bash and birthday parties. Nevertheless, we also want to catch up with the new series we really need the subwoofers to add taste to the watching.

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