About Us

1. Who GuideBuys is and What it does

GuideBuys is a reviewing website which was created by a group of shopping lovers. Once day, we found it is good idea if we share experiences and make buying decision. Finally, GuideBuys have been created for the purpose above. With GuideBuys, we work all our best in order to produce the best guideline for you to make decision in which product to purchase. We select all the quality product, popularity, test it, find all feature and function, give all pros and cons. Comparing with other products and write all product details for reader. We will never forget information and history of manufacturer. All visitors get known about the reviewed products after read guideline on GuideBuys and make purchasing decision.

2. Truth and Our Purpose.

2.1. Truth

GuideBuys makes visitors trusted in many reasons. Visitor can consider these points. First, we need popularity for our web-site. Consider, if we best and trusted products reviewed contents, visitor will tell mouse-to-mouse to other visitors and GuideBuys will Become popular. Second, GuideBuys needs long-term visitors. The returned visitors are the best value for us and it shows that we are trusted. After visitors got the best products throw our reviewed contents or buy link we have placed, it is sure users will come back when need more recommend for other considerations. Third, all products and services are from reliable stores and have high-confident. We choose from these stores because we really care about our image. However, you can ask directly to the store’s admin for more information about products and services. Finally, we have experiences in reviewing the product with other sites like reviewsinthebest.
In conclusion, visitors can trust on GuideBuys.com

2.2. Purpose

In order to support GuideBuys, we run this site as an Amazon Associates Program. We earn profits from amazon commission. We earn commission when having purchasing products or using services throw the links placed in our site. Once, there is no purchasing products or using services throw our site, we at least have given and shared your experiences and known to visitors. Your attention and let to serve you is our honesty. Please! come back and enjoy our web-site.